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Phil Dwyer’s “Changing Seasons”

Changing-Seasons2012 Juno-Nominee Best Contemporary Jazz Album of the Year


ITunes Bestseller

“Count this is as one of 2011′s best and most emotionally rewarding albums in any style of music.”  Lucid Culture (2011)

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Changing Seasons/Phil Dwyer

Changing Seasons is, as you might expect, a piece about change. Seasons change, from one to the other, and also internally. Currently we are subject to strident debate, complicated science, and depressing statistics about some of these changes. I often feel that if we all could connect with nature more often, and more profoundly, that humans would intuitively know the course to take. The answers are there; myriad, and infallibly correct.

Changing Seasons takes structural, and other clues from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, but the musical material is independent, and the style is influenced by many styles and eras of music. As with the Four Seasons it is an extended violin solo feature, and in this case the soloist is Mark Fewer. The piece will capture many aspects of Mark’s remarkable range as a performer. The composer, Phil Dwyer, is a veteran, award-winning, musician who has worked with Mark for the last 10 years in a variety of settings from orchestral to solo. The piece will be performed by a 14 strings, jazz orchestra, and violin solo. Other than the violin, various members of both ensembles will be featured throughout as well.

Music changes, and as the composers and performers grow in their scope the possibilities expand, and new relationships are created. Changing Seasons celebrates music written over 250 years ago, as well as the music of today. It celebrates Vivaldi, as well as Coltrane. It celebrates the annual trip around the sun; the warmth, light, and sustenance. It celebrates life.