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Violin Half-Back

What people are saying about Mark Fewer:

“He’s a master, someone to see whether playing a jig at a pub, jazz at the club, or Shostakovich with the symphony.” Joanne Paulson – Phoenix-Star


“…few composers have been able to tame and transform that imagery into the kind of compelling artistic expression that the Super Novas found in Schnittke’s score.” Stephen Pederson –The Chronicle-Herald (Halifax)


“Fewer and Reverin dug right in and delivered an entirely persuasive performance.” Richard Todd – The Ottawa Citizen


“Montreal violinist Mark Fewer rescued a Trio Hochelaga concert at St. John’s Church Sunday night and demonstrated how quickly a professional musician can work up a respectable performance of unfamiliar music. How does four hours sound?” Steven Mazey – The Ottawa Citizen


“…perhaps the most lasting impression of all came from the violinist Mark Fewer of Newfoundland, who delivered a piece of “performance art” in Bram Tovey’s witty “Nine Daies Wonder” – all rounded off with an impromptu Irish Jig that took the breath away.” Iwan Fox – 4Bars (UK)


“Played with remarkable savagery by Fewer and Novacek…” Stephen Pedersen – The Chronicle-Herald


“As comfortable as a raconteur as he is with a violin……with Mark Fewer’s natural abilities as a speaker and entertainer to the fore, it is hard to imagine a more spirited, not to mention virtuosic performance.” Christopher Thomas – MusicWeb International


“The second work was another by Adams, The Dharma at Big Sur, for electric violin and orchestra. It was more successful, especially because of virtuoso Canadian violinist Mark Fewer.” John McBeath – The Australian (Melbourne, AUS)


“The performance, which required and energy output of something like a Channel swim, was terrific.” Richard Todd – The Ottawa Citizen (Ottawa), August 5, 2010


“…faultless to a tee…” Marc Chenard – La Scena Musicale (Montreal), December 3, 2010